About Rashed Abdallah Awaji CPA  

About Rashed Abdallah Awaji CPA

The office of Rashid Abdullah Awaji - Accountants and Legal Auditors (Saudi Reanda) was founded in 2013 in Saudi Arabia and has offices in Riyadh and Al-Khobar. Our team of experts is skilled in dealing with various matters related to reviewing and auditing, zakat and taxation, consulting, accounting and bookkeeping, judicial accounting, liquidation and bankruptcy, and local content.

Rashid Abdullah Awaji's Office - Accountants and Legal Auditors (Saudi Reanda) is a member of Reanda International, an international network made up of a group of independent accounting and consulting companies, founded in Beijing in 1993 with more than 20 offices and a working group of 2,000 people.

Reanda International is one of China's leading accounting firms and ranked 17th among international accounting networks around the world. We are proud of ourselves for our ability to provide new perspectives and practical advice to clients, delivering ideas and solutions in the most efficient, effective and timely manner.

Our Mission

Provide clients with the highest level of professional services in an atmosphere of teamwork, innovation and continuous growth. We appreciate our clients and contribute to achieving their goals.

Our Vision

We aspire to be the preferred accounting company for clients, talents and highly competent experiences regionally and internationally by providing high quality comprehensive services to individuals and companies alike while providing an environment in which our employees can grow professionally and individually.

Our Values

Our values represent our identity, how we perform our work and how we behave with each other, with clients and with the community.

Why Us?

Our Team Of Experts Ensures The Best Service and Quality


Our work is based on work sincerity and transparency.

Team Work

Teamwork contributes to exchanging experiences between individuals and developing knowledge and facilitating the completion of tasks. In this spirit, we are keen to accomplish the client's tasks as an integrated and concerted team.

Society Service

Supporting people, cooperating and promoting the spirit of society are our values. We strive to have a clear and effective footprint in the service of society by providing services through which we seek a sense of responsibility towards our community and individuals in need of these services.


We seek to create additional value for clients and target new categories in the market by introducing new products, or developing and improving existing products, and reducing costs for the company and clients.


We seek to satisfy the client by being unique in performing activities and providing services satisfactorily by demonstrating the efficiency of communication between the parties.


This value is one of the praiseworthy values that we embrace primarily in our company and make it an attribute of our work with each other as individuals, employees and with our dear clients.